Planning applications are dealt with by Chichester District Council acting as agents of the South Downs National Park Authority (SDNPA). SIPC are consulted on all applications in the parish. These are considered by the parish council's planning committee at public meetings, after which responses are sent to SDNPA.

Information on planning applications can be viewed through the SDNPA's Public Access system. Enter the planning application reference number into the search box, or search using other criteria, e.g. '16/00334' or 'Stedham'. 

Application No. Address Status Comments
SDNP/16/00334/COU - APP/Y9507/C/17/3169838 The Old Studio Enforcement Notice Appeal dismissed, ENF notice upheld
SDNP/16/00628/LB St Cuthmans site Enforcement Notice Unauthorised partial demolition of the old classroom block.
SDNP/16/00120/COU Minsted Heath Barn (Poultry Farm) Enforcement Notice Use of land as storage for cars & caravans.
SDNP/16/00042/OPDEV St Cuthmans School Enforcement Notice Lighting
SDNP/15/00109/OPEV Land south of Old Stables Enforcement Notice Without planning permission, formation of a hardsurfaced access track in the approximate poisiton shown on the plan.

Remove concrete kerb stones and pea shingle, dig out and remove the rubble/hardcore and plastic membrane forming the sub-base of access track and remove resultant debris from land and level and reseed the land with grass
SDNP/17/00647/GENER Wispers, Titty Hill Alleged Breach Use of garage as an independent dwellinghouse
SDNP/16/00463/OPDEV Ingrams Copse Alleged Breach Stationing of a caravan and erection of gates and fencing.
SDNP/18/03626/HOUS Rosemary Cottage, The Street Application Proposed single storery rear extension following removal of existing conservatory.
SDNP/18/02815/HOUS 1 Queens Street, Stedham Application Loft conversion.
SDNP/18/01781/FUL Viola House School Lane Application Amendment to existing driveway to serve Rotherhill House.
SDNP/18/01671/FUL Bridgelands Farm Application Erection of an equestrian arena of sand, surrounded by fencing, including new land drainage.
SDNP/17/05977/TCA North End House Application Notification of intention to fell 2 no. Cherry trees, 1 no. Cypress (Fir) tree and 1 no. Silver Birch. Coppice 1 no. Hazel stool
SDNP/18/00593/HOUS The Old Stables Application Single storey garage extension to form a studio
SDNP/18/00630/HOUS Mottiston Cottage Application Single  storey  extension  to  existing Studio; Horizontal boarding to 2 no.  existing  Studio  walls;  Porch  roof  canopy  above front door;
Replacement  of  3no.  existing  windows  on Side and Rear Elevations;
Addition  of 1 no. Conservation rooflight to existing roof; Addition of painted render over area of existing painted brickwork at rear.
SDNP/17/06508/CND Rotherhill  House Application Removal  of  Condition  9  of  planning  permission  SJ/05/04133/DOM - Maintenance of driveway access
SDNP/17/04929/LDP Woodgate Farm Tote Lane Application Single storey rear extension not exceeding 4m in depth (resubmission of SDNP/17/02971/LDP
SDNP/17/04203/FUL The Barn Tote Hill Application Change of use of agricultural barn to 1 no. dwelling and replacement of leanto side extension with
single storey side extension
SDNP/17/03842/HOUS Myrtle Cottage  Application Single storey bay window extension to side elevation and canopy to front elevation
SDNP/17/03640/FUL Wispers, Titty Hill Application Proposed livestock and general purpose barn
SDNP/17/02971/LDP Woodgate Farm Application Proposed lawful development for a single storey rear extension
SDNP/16/06353/HOUS 1 New Cottage, Iping Application Amendments to plans
SDNP/17/03120/CND 1 New Cottage, Iping Application Variation of condition 2 from permission
SDNP/17/02794/FUL The Sorrells Application in progress Erection of a single detached dwelling together with associated works
SDNP/17/02495/LIS and SDNP/17/02494/HOUS Tentworth House   Application in progress Proposed rear windows, roof lights, internal works
and flue for wood burner
SDNP/13/06169/ROMP Minsted Sandpit Decision Awaited Periodic review of minerals planning permission
SDNP/17/05028/HOUS 4 School Lane Approved Conversion of integral garage to accommodation, including new bay window
SDNP/17/02420/HOUS The Alley Approved Proposed front dormer window
SDNP/17/00962/HOUS Brook Farm Approved Erection of single storey greenhouse
SDNP/17/00792/LIS The Old Rectory Approved Demolition of existing flat roofed garages and construction of new pitched roofed garaging with annex accommodation. Conversion of existing garden stores to a home gym
SDNP/17/00559/HOUS Stubb Hill House Approved Proposed rear extension and landscaping works
SDNP/16/06353/HOUS 1 New Cottage,  Iping Lane Approved Two storey side extension and new porch
SDNP/17/00370/FUL The Hamilton Arms Approved 5 no. tourist rooms and associated works
SDNP/17/01249/TCA Myrtle Cottage No Objection Notification of intention to fell 1 no. Cherry tree (T1) and remove 1 no. branch on 1 no. Cedar tree (T2)
SDNP/16/03850/OUT Stedham Saw Mills Approved Outline planning application, with all matters reserved, for up to 2,746m2 of B1 (light industrial) employment development and associated car parking and access
SDNP/17/00409/CND 4 Crossways Cottages,  Iping Approved Removal of condition 1 from permission SDNP/16/03142/HOUS - Plans
SDNP/16/01516/HOUS Meadow Hills Approved Single storey rear extension
SDNP/16/01374/FUL Stedham Sports Ground Approved Proposed new tennis court/multi-use games area with high chainwalk fencing enclosure
SDNP/16/02030/HOUS Millstream House Approved Installation of two air source heat pumps
SDNP/16/02498/FUL Meadow Hills Approved Erection of agricultural barn
SDNP/16/01411/HOUS New Cottage, Iping Lane Approved New ground floor rear extension with glass link to rear outbuilding, new entrance porch and ground floor front elevation modification
SDNP/16/04941/FUL Minsted Farm Barns Approved Replace carport approved under SDNP/13/04033/FUL for Unit 3 (Diary Barn) with 4 no. carport/garden structures to service all four units of the permitted scheme
SDNP/15/06516/FUL 3&4 St Cuthmans Approved Demolition and replacement of 2 no. 3 bedroom semi-detached houses with 2 no. 2/3 bedroom semi-detached houses with garages
SDNP/16/00841/HOUS Downview Approved Loft conversion
SDNP/16/00933/HOUS Mill House Approved Replace existing covered parking area with timber framed carport (cart shed)
SDNP/17/00099/HOUS 1 Aubretia Cottages Approved Side extension, rear orangery and new dormers
SDNP/17/00165/HOUS Ash House Approved Construction of a two bay garage
SDNP/16/05871/HOUS Insted, Iping Lane Approved Alterations to external elevations, new windows and bi-fold door and reduction of garage size
SDNP/16/05702/LDE Woodgate Farm Approved Existing lawful development - use of former agricultural building as a single dwellinghouse (Use class C3) and associated residential curtilage
SDNP/16/04374/FUL Woolmers Bridge Farm Approved Retention of hardstanding and erection of livestock housing polytunnel
SDNP/16/04883/LDP Green Acre Approved Retrospective rear ground floor extension
SDNP/16/04105/HOUS Talbots Ash House Approved 2 storey rear extension
SDNP/16/04560/CND Quags Corner Cottage Approved Variation of condition 1 from planning permission SDNP/15/03412/HOUS. French doors to be installed within the South East gable of outbuilding
SDNP/16/04110/HOUS 3 Yarborough Terrace Approved Single storey extension with pitched roof to rear of property and replace
existing flat roofed extension
SDNP/16/03572/HOUS SDNP/16/03573/LIS Stubbs Hill Paddock Approved New garage roof
SDNP/16/00131/HOUS Tote Hill Cottage Approved Demolition of larder and boiler room and construction of part 2 storey extension and alterations
SDNP/16/02585/LIS Bridgefoot Cottage Approved Installation of 4 replacement lights and 7 new lights to illuminate the front and rear doors to the 5 cottages
SDNP/16/03142/HOUS 4 Crossways Cottage Approved First floor and side extension
SDNP/16/02324/HOUS Russetts Approved Two storey side extension and alterations
SDNP/15/04045/CND Rotherhill House Approved Variation of condition 7 relating to SJ/07/01805/DOM
SDNP/14/05347/ADV Stedham Common Approved 3 no. A3 pedestrian entrance sign, 4 no. 900 field gate sign, 1 no. 1800 car park sign and 1 no. main introduction board (10/12/2014). New notice of changes to application
SDNP/15/06481/HOUS Mill House Approved Brick flue to oil fired aga in kitchen and open porch to kitchen entrance door
SDNP/15/05538/HOUS Barnfield Cottage Approved Demolition of a garage and outbuildings and the construction of two in part two storey side extensions and relocation of access
SDNP/15/05873/HOUS Hall Cottage Sandy Lane Approved Garage conversion and single storey sunroom addition to rear elevation
SDNP/15/05778/LDP Rotherhill Lodge East Approved Development of two storey rear extension to dwelling
SDNP/15/05779/HOUS Rotherhill Lodge West Approved Erection of single storey rear extensions
SDNP/15/05179/HOUS Harlow House Approved New porch extension and new windows
SDNP/16/01623/HOUS SDNP/16/01624/LIS Stubbs Hill Paddock Refused First floor space within existing garage following the raising of the roof by 500 mm
SDNP/16/01462/HOUS SDNP/16/01463/LIS Stubbs Hill Paddock Refused First floor space within existing garage following the raising of the roof by 500 mm
SDNP/16/05247/HOUS Russetts, The Alley Refused Proposed front dormer window
SDNP/16/ 02217/FUL and SDNP/02218/LIS St Cuthmans Refused Demolition of the Coach House; a building that appears listed under curtilage rules.
Consent for temporary teaching and boarding accommodation comprising an extended road access to serve
a single storey arrangement of 5 classrooms and associated ancillary spaces split between two blocks;
and separately on the site a two storey residential boarding house with a capacity of 48 students and
2 staff, within the grounds of the school
SDNP/15/051441/HOUS Talbots Ash Lane Refused Two storey rear extension
SDNP/17/02601/FUL Bowley Barn Application Withdrawn Change use of land to domestic curtilage to accommodate the
construction of a detached garage and store building, for secure storage of cars and garden machinery
SDNP/16/01511/FUL The Hamilton Arms Application Withdrawn 8 no. tourist rooms and associated works
SDNP/15/05263/HOUS Tote Hill Cottage Application Withdrawn Demolition of larder and boiler room and construction of part 2 storey extension and part first floor and conversion and extension to attached barn to form a garage


SDNPA Local Plan

SDNPA have created a Local Plan which is now open to Public Consultation (26/09/17 - 21/11/17).

LP Consultation


Here is the link to the maps for Stedham's entry in the Local Plan (the last section).