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Current position: Decision Statement for Stedham with Iping Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP)
A Decision Statement has been made on the Stedham with Iping Neighbourhood Development Plan and is published on the South Downs National Park Authority website at:
The Decision Statement confirms that the modifications proposed by the Examiner’s report have been accepted, that the Neighbourhood Development Plan has been altered as a result of it and that these revised documents may now proceed to referendum.
The Decision Statement is available for inspection at: South Downs Centre, North Street, Midhurst, West Sussex, GU29 9DH

It is also available on the SDNPA website at

The Referendum will be on 7 May 2020

Steps leading up to now:

In the summer  of 2017 we sent out a questionnaire to all dwellings in the parish, held a number of drop-in sessions and set up a Steering Group (SG). There was a Call for Sites to all landowners in the parish. Since then the SG met regularly and considered evidence for many aspects of the NP. These discussions have included Heritage Assets, Site Assessments, the Local Economy, the Settlement Boundary, Open Spaces, Key Views, the Natural Environment, Transport and Public Rights of Way. We have put these documents from the SG on our website, below.

The Evidence Base was then used to draw up the Neighbourhood Plan, which the Parish Council agreed should go to the statutory Regulation 14 Consultation. This public consultation started on 5 April 2018 and finished at midnight on 17 May 2018. A letter was sent to all households, as well as all statutory consultees to inform residents and others of this and there was an opportunity to view the Evidence Base and discuss the draft plan at drop-in sessions in the Memorial Hall.

Responses were received from residents, statutory consultees and various other organisations as well as landowners. These are on this website (anonymised as appropriate) below:

The Draft NP was then passed to South Downs National Park Authority, as our planning authority. The SDNPA held a Regulation 16 Consultation to which statutory bodies and anyone else could submit responses. These responses together with the Regulation 16 Draft Neighbourhood Plan were then sent to the Examiner.

The Examiner asked a series of questions of the SDNPA, our planning authority and of the Steering Group. The letter, "Examiner's Request for Clarification", is published below. The Steering Group and the Parish Council considered the questions, the proposed answers and feedback from the SDNPA during SIPC meetings held on 12th September, 21st October and 14th November 2019. It was then agreed that the Decision Statement should be presented at the SDNPA Planning Committee on 16th January 2020, postponed from the 12th December because of the General Election.  The SDNPA Planning Committee voted unanimously to accept the recommendation of the Examiner such that SIPC's Neighbourhood Plan could proceed to Public Referendum.

Key documents so far:


Examiner's request for clarification July 2019

Regulation 16 Neighbourhood Plan Documents

Stedham with Iping Neighbourhood Plan (Regulation 16 Consultation)

Stedham with Iping Neighbourhood Plan Map (Regulation 16 Consultation)

Basic Conditions Statement

Consultation Statement


Regulation 14 Neighbourhood Plan Documents

Stedham with Iping Neighbourhood Plan (Regulation 14 Consultation Draft)

Stedham with Iping Neighbourhood Plan Map (Regulation 14 Consultation Draft)

Message from Steering Group

Notification of  Regulation14 Consultation

Response Form for Regulation 14 consultation

Evidence Base:

Detail section of map for Stedham village

The Natural Environment

A Review of Open Spaces and Key Views

Open Spaces & Key views Appendix 2: map

The Parish Economy

Assessment of Potential Development Sites

Settlement Boundary Review

Review of Heritage Assets

Transport & Accessibility

Landscape Review of Sites


Statutory Consultees


Southern Water

Sussex Wildlife Trust

West Sussex County Council

Chichester County Council

Highways England

Historic England

Environment Agency

National Grid

Natural England


Other Organisations:

Bus timetable

Midhurst Area Cycling

West Sussex Cycling Forum

Cowdray Pony Club

Horticultural Society

Midhurst Society 

Midhurst Society - 2

National Farmer's Union

Other Responses - not anonymised

Haydn Morris on behalf of the Sawmills owners

Genesis on behalf of Rectory Field owners

Matthews owners of Rectory Field

Bob Camping owner of West of West Lodge

Other Responses - anonymised

NP Response 1

NP Response 2

NP Response 3

NP Response 4

NP Response 5

NP Response 6

NP Response 7

NP Response 8

NP Response 9

NP Response 10

NP Response 11

NP Response 12

NP Response 13


Other documents:

Meeting with SDNPA 21.6.18

Meeting with SDNPA 12.7.17 

Memorandum of Understanding

Neighbourhood Area Decision Notice

Call for sites letter and form 6.9.17

Questionnaire results 13.9.17

History of Stedham with Iping


Draft NP for consideration of SIPC on 21.3.18




NP Work Party Notes - 13.10.17

NP Work Party Notes - 20.11.17

NP Work Party Notes - 29.11.17

NP Work Party Notes - 19.12.17