There are currently three committees in place, as follows:

Finance and General Purposes Committee

Chairmen of SIPC committees are on the Finance & General Purposes committee.  It advises the council on financial matters, subscriptions and contributions to parish organisations.  It deals with Standing Orders, Code of Conduct and employment of the clerk or any other person.  It is responsible for formulating the budget for the next financial year.

Further information can be found under the Finance menu.

Planning Committee

All eligible councillors are on the committee which meets in public when there is a planning application.  It is responsible for making SIPC's observations on planning applications to SDNPA (through the clerk).  The committee visits most application sites.

Further information can be found under the Planning menu.

Environment & Amenities Committee

All councillors are on the committee.  It advises the council on the provision, maintenance and management of the play areas.  It is responsible for open spaces and deals with the grass cutting contracts for the Recreation Ground, Common View and the closed churchyard at Iping.  It is responsible for the allotments, highways matters and footpaths.